Pick Up

We provide pick up from Rosa Parks Elementary.

Healthy Snacks

We offer healthy snacks containing whole grain elements, fruits, and dairy.

Homework Assistance

Our teachers provide 1:1 attention to kids and assist them in completion of the homework.

Additional Grade Level Worksheets

We provide additional grade level worksheets, as appropriate, to ensure continued advanced development of children. 

Personal Attention to Each Child

We have very low teacher to child ratio to ensure each kid gets individual attention. 

Help with Kumon, Best in Class, or Other Class Work

We provide help with completion of Kumon, Best in Class, or other class work.


Early Pick Up On Conference Days

We provide early pick up on conference days at 11.30 AM for kids attending all 5 days at no extra charge.

Pick up from Rosa Parks Elementary's Afterschool Activities

We provide Pick up from Rosa Parks Elementary afterschool activities at no extra charge.

Full Day Camp Offered on LWSD Holidays

We offer full day camp on specific LWSD holidays, at no extra charge, for kids attending all 5 days.


Students are given opportunities to explore and learn through extracurricular educational activities. Additionally, students get to portray their creativity through various art and craft projects. We also provide outdoor play and movement activities.  

Camp Day & School Conference Days Policy:

We follow Lake Washington School District (LWSD) calendar. We will be closed during the Winter Break (Christmas Break).  Camp days will be offered for after school kids during specific days of Mid-Winter break, Spring break, and LWSD leap days. Camp days are offered at no extra charge for kids attending all 5 days. Contact us for more details.