Step Beyond Academy is a home based nurturing pre-school and afterschool program licensed by WA State Department of Early Learning (DEL). Students are given daily opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate curriculum and fun projects. These hands-on experiences help children build their own understanding through discovery. We maintain a very low teacher to child ratio. 

Our Preschool curriculum includes:-

Social Development

The social development of children has a strong influence on self-esteem. High self-esteem leads to healthy social interactions. Our objective is to establish high self-esteem and behavioral control by providing a positive environment with many opportunities for successful interactions. More emphasis is placed on giving children individual responsibilities to develop their thinking process and expand horizons.

Art, music and movement, story time, structured and unstructured play time are an integral part of our curriculum along with academic reinforcement which includes:-​

Language and Literacy Skills

Recognizing and writing alphabets

Letter/sound correlation

Practicing beginning and ending sounds

Practicing vowels

Grasping sight words

Rhyming words

Reading and writing small sentences

Reading comprehensions.

Grammar and punctuations

Numbers and Math

Recognizing and showing numbers

Identifying ones, tens, and hundreds


Addition & subtraction

Counting by 2’s, 5’s,10’s, 100’s

2D and 3D shapes





Units of measurement

Data collection and graphs, Venn diagrams


Properties of matter

Weather and climates


Living/ nonliving things

Earth science

Physical science

Nature, geography and environmental science

Planets and much more...

Camp Day & School Conference Days Policy:

We follow Lake Washington School District (LWSD) calendar